Pak moves to Iranian-style Islamic revolution?

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Washington, Aug 5: An official study in United States warned that Pakistan is in danger of yielding to an Iranian-style Islamic revolution.

The study conducted by the Quadrennial Defence Review Independent Panel opinionated this by citing that the growing fundamentalism in Pakistan is finding support from the army and intelligence.

The report submitted to the US Congress in the last week of Jul 2010 has expressed serious concern over the support of army and the intelligence to increasing Islamic fundamentalism.

"Some 'associated movements' will pursue lesser and more local goals, with the biggest danger to Pakistan, where the ruling elite including the Army and intelligence services is vulnerable to an Iranian-style revolution that Islamists would exploit," said the report.

The report also revealed that the Salafist jihadi movements and other terrorist groups like al-Qaeda will set their sights on the United States, as the attacks linked to Yemen prove.

The Quadrennial Defence Review Independent Panel was headed by former Secretary of Defence William J Perry and former National Security Adviser Stephen J Hadley.

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