Use aircraft to reach accident sites: PC

Posted By: Devaki
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New Delhi, Jul 21: P Chidambaram, Home Minister on Wednesday, Jul 21 expressed regret over the enormous delay for the rescue operation teams to reach Sainthia train accident site in West Bengal and said the use of helicopters or small choppers on such locations should be taken to consideration.

He added that the efficiency and capacity of disaster management teams are tested only when a disaster strikes and one has to increase their capacity.

"I was informed that the first relief team could leave only about 2 hours and 30 minutes after the accident happened. The second team could only leave seven hours after the accident and they had to drive for about 220 kms which means there is a clear gap in the mobility of the disaster team," he said.

So the need to increase the capacity to move the disaster relief teams quickly is necessary and it could be achieved by means of helicopters and small planes. The new plan may cost money but it has to be implemented, said Chidamabaram.

While speaking at the function organized by the National Disaster Management Authority, he also complimented the NDMA and NDRF team for vastly improving the capacity in the case of natural calamities like flood, cyclone or fire. He urged them to make their response better in the case of train disasters too.

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