'Inept' Afghan Govt. would need a 'miracle' to restore peace in country: Report

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Kabul, July 13 (ANI): Describing President Hamid Karzai's government as 'inept', a report by an Afghan rights group has said that only a 'miracle' could lead to restoration of peace in the country that been under war for over nine years.

The Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM), in its report, said: "It would take "a miracle" to win the war and restore viable peace in Afghanistan under the inept government of President Hamid Karzai."

The ARM's report also highlighted that President Barack Obama's plans of pulling out from the war torn country from the next year has negatively affected the US foreign policy objectives.

The report said that the surge of 30,000 NATO troops, which was aimed to counter the Taliban led insurgency with more force, has infact made the situation worse.

"Contrary to US President Barrack Obama's promise that the deployment... would disrupt, dismantle and defeat Taliban insurgents and their Al Qaeda allies in the region, the insurgency has become more resilient, multi-structured and deadly," The Daily Times quoted the report, as saying.

"Many call 2010 the 'make or break' year given the enhanced military presence and the preplanned political show games. We, however, fear it will be more of a 'breaking' year mostly for Afghan civilians who are increasingly falling victim," the report stated. (ANI)

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