Brit surrogate to Bin Laden's son, wife learns she's pregnant as the couple split

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London, July 10 (ANI): A surrogate to Osama bin Laden's son Omar and his wife, Zaina, has discovered about her pregnancy as the couple announced they had split up.

Louise Pollard, a PA from Bristol, said a pregnancy test had come out positive a fortnight after her third round of IVF treatment in the United Arab Emirates.

She was hired to carry Osama bin Laden's grandchild using embryos made with the sperm of Omar, 29, and eggs from Zaina, 54.

The couple's separation followed the disclosure that Mr Bin Laden had been diagnosed with Schizophrenia following a period of unpredictable behaviour during which he claimed he could hear his father's voice in his head.

"When I did the pregnancy test, I was over the moon for them," the Telegraph quoted Pollard who is with Zaina at a secret location in Britain as telling the Daily Mail.

"This was before it emerged that Omar and Zaina had broken up. I'm still happy they're having the baby they've dreamt about but I feel very nervous.

"Although Zaina has assured me the split is just a temporary break until Omar is better, I do feel let down. My intention in going through IVF treatment was to give them a baby as a married couple, to complete their family.

She said she initially refused to act as a surrogate for the couple after learning of Bin Laden's family connection, but changed her mind because "If I don't help this couple then no one will."

She added: "Omar's breakdown is far from ideal, but he's haunted by his past and the legacy of his name, but whatever Osama bin Laden has done, the baby I am carrying is innocent." (ANI)

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