Fuel crisis hits Tripura

Posted By: Mamatha
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Agartala, July 9 (ANI): A fuel crisis has hit Tripura as fuel that comes to the state from Assam has been disrupt due rail connectivity cutoff for over five days.

"Due to landslide the rail connectivity with Lumding has been disrupted and so wagons (those transports oil) are unable to come to this side and thus there is a crisis of fuel", said Subrata Achariya, a manager of petrol filling station.

Hundreds of vehicles were seen in queue in front of petrol filling station while many centers had hanged the board of no-petrol. LPG outlets also had a similar scene with hundreds of empty gas cylinders lying outside the outlets.

"I have come here for petrol but they are only giving two liters per auto-rickshaw. How can we do with so little petrol? Outside in the black-market petrol is available at Rs.100 to 150 per liter but that is also adulterated with kerosene. Most of the filling stations have put the board of no petrol but actually there is oil. We are compelled to buy petrol from the black-market at Rs.100 to 150 per liter", said Ajoy Das, an auto-rickshaw driver.ripura has been facing an unprecedented crisis of petroleum products.

As almost all the petrol pumps in the town area have run dry due to suspension of fuel supply from July 1 the government has rationed fuel in the state. wo wheelers were given one liter, three wheelers two liters, while commercial and private vehicles five liters a day.

Besides, petrol and diesel, supply of LPG cylinders are also in shortage. Most of the outlets were closed and cylinders were being sold at Rs 700-1000 in open the market. (ANI)

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