39pc Facebook users declare themeselves 'addicts'

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Washington, Jul 8: Checking Facebook even before taking your morning piss? You are not alone as a new poll has found that a sizeable fraction of American women log onto the the social networking site first thing in the morning just after they wake up.

A survey conducted by Lightspeed Research for Oxygen Media to assess the the latest height of Facebook obsession was released on Wednesday, Jul 7 showing some rather surprising findings.

1,605 American women users of Facebook aged 18 to 34 were polled in the survey. While 34 percent of them admitted that they checked Facebook even before they washed their face and brushed their teeth, 20 pc said that they don't mind disrupting their night's sleep to sneak-a-peek at the social networking site.

A significant 39 per cent of the women surveyed labelled themselves as 'Facebook Addicts'.

But a distressing trend seen is that these women who used Facebook made use of the site for personal interactions as well as in their careers.

While 57 percent of the respondents said they have much more online interactions as against their face-to-face encounters, 63 per cent said they used Facebook as a career networking tool.

Among other significant findings of the survey were 31 percent said they feel more confident about their online persona than their real life one. 42 percent said they did not think there was anything wrong with posting photos of themselves visibly intoxicated.

In the branch of study comparing behaviour between the two genders, half of the respondents said it was okay to meet and date other singles they meet through Facebook as against 65 percent of single men, while six percent of the young single women use Facebook to 'hook up' compared to 20 percent of men.

Taking the age-old rule saying that it was bad manners to break up either through telephone or even e-mail to a new level, 24 percent of men break up through Facebook as against nine percent of women.

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