Meet the 'boob job' family from UK!

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London, July 4 (ANI): A British father has reportedly paid 10,000 dollars for boob jobs of his wife and two daughters.

When Deborah had a boob job, her daughters Harriett and Rose decided to follow suit - and the two sisters had identical implants on the same day.

"We're a really close family, so having boob jobs together seemed the most natural thing in the world," the Mirror quoted Harriet as saying.

"I remember when Mum had hers done, I was so jealous. I just wanted mine to look the same," she added.

"I was 16 when Mum had her op and I thought she looked fabulous.

"I knew Rose felt the same way. We shared a bedroom as -teenagers and we'd stay up late talking about cosmetic surgery. We both longed for -bigger boobs so we could wear strapless dresses and even go braless.

Harriett, an office manager in Chelmsford said: "When Rose heard, she said, 'If you're doing it, I'm doing it, too.'

Pary Highley, the father of the two girls, paid for the operation as a joint birthday present - Rose's 19th and Harriet's 21st.

The mother, on the other hand, showed happiness.

"I wanted the girls to be able to enjoy their new breasts while they were still young," she said.

"They could see the -changes it had brought about in me, I was a totally different woman - -happier and more confident," she added.

Perry admitted his present to the girls is unorthodox, but said:

"It was worth it. I could see how miserable the girls were before and I think they both look amazing now." (ANI)

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