Foul-mouthed parrot tells rescuers to 'F*** off'

Posted By: Samyuktha
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London, July 02 (ANI): When Charlie, a foul-mouthed parrot in UK was rescued from a treetop, the first words he uttered were: F*** off".

Charlie, famous on YouTube for using the F-word, was in the garden with its owner, 29-year-old Melissa Todd and Steve Holt, 39.

It could not fly as its wings were clipped badly but a sudden gush of wind helped him take off.

It took 30 people, six hours and a van with a hydraulic boom to rescue Charlie after it was found the next day and a half later.

The reaction of the African Grey parrot as soon as it was rescued was telling everyone to 'F*** off.'

When Melissa finished her work at a pub, she heard Charlie shouting from a tree.

"He was right at the top like a fairy on a Christmas tree. He was being attacked by bigger birds-it was awful. About 30 people gathered with blankets and torches, but we couldn't get him to come down," the Mirror quoted Melissa, a resident of Bury, Great Manchester, as saying.

She spotted a van with a boom lift being parked in a nearby garage. She persuaded its owner Warren Hutchinson to help.

Since the lift did not reach the treetop, Warren drove 80 miles to SAS Power Access, in Leeds, to come back with a bigger lift.

"Of course, the first thing Charlie said when he came down in the blanket was his favourite swear word," said Melissa. (ANI)

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