Chennai's 100-year-old Guindy Snake Park in modernization mode

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Chennai, June 30 (ANI): The modernization of the hundred-year-old Guindy National Snake Park in Tamil Nadu's Chennai city has led to an increase in the flow of tourists here.

The snake park has modernised its systems to educate visitors about the different species of snakes, in addition to numerous live specimens that are kept in glass cages for visitors to take a look.

Park officials are now attempting to educate visitors on the importance of snakes in the ecosystem.

"We know more myth on snakes than the truth, but the snakes are playing a very important role in ecology to control the rodent and other insects, and pest population. So it is our duty to conserve them for our well-being," said Siva Kumar, Education Officer, Guindy Snake Park.

"In this show we show them, which are all the non-poisonous snakes, some common poisonous snakes. So how to identify it and what role they play in the environment," he added.

The visitors here are given education in special classes, which is absolutely free of charge. The classes include teaching the differences between poisonous and non-poisonous snakes.

"By this show, we got to know which snakes are harmful and poisonous. The snake species is slowly dying out in the country so we have got to know that we should not kill snakes," said Subshri, a visitor. (ANI)

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