Only members will decide when to expand BRIC: PM

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Onboard Air India One, June 29 (ANI): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said expansion of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) membership was a matter that the group would itself discuss, and that it was no proper for him to comment on the issue in isolation

He also said that BRIC is an entity where all of its members consult with each other on all issues, which have a bearing on global economic management.

When asked when the Group of Twenty (G-20) was the relevant forum for global economic issues, what was the significance of the Group of Eight (G-8), Dr. Singh told media onboard Air India One: "I think it is for the G-8 countries to decide. But as far as G-20 is concerned, it has been agreed that this will be the premier forum for discussion of international economic issues."

"I talked to the Canadian Prime Minister (Stephen Harper), who said that hereafter, the G-8 will probably deal with security issues much more vigorously than it has being doing thus far in the past," Singh said. By Ashok Dixit (ANI)

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