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Rich Oz woman ordered to pay ex $4k a week as spousal maintenance

By Devaki

Melbourne, June 15 (ANI): A wealthy Australian woman has been ordered to pay her ex husband, a waiter, 4000 dollars a week as spousal maintenance after she got him accustomed to living a rich lifestyle.

According to court documents, the woman, who cannot be named, is a beneficiary of a trust with 600 million dollars in assets, and her income is 58,529 dollars a week.

While she was married, she had treated her husband to many luxuries, but now she wants to pay him 18 dollars a week to supplement the 380 dollars a week he earns waiting tables in a Sydney restaurant.

Family Court judge John Cohen said that was unfair, because the husband had "lived the life of a very wealthy gentleman" until the marriage broke up in 2008.

"To expect him to work as a waiter in a suburban restaurant or club, as he was when he met his wife, and as he is now doing, is quite unreasonable," News.com.au quoted Justice Cohen as saying.

"He has been a gentleman of leisure for many years . . . the marriage is the direct reason the husband has not maintained or developed employment skills, is not used to work and is used to a life of leisure, luxury and privilege," he said.

The court heard the couple, known as Read and Chang, met in 1985 and initially lived modestly.

The husband "worked full-time at a club when they started living together" and at one point held two waiting jobs, one during the day and one at night.

In 1989, the wife began receiving income from a trust. The amounts were initially modest - some 60,000 dollars in the first year, for example - but the trust is now valued at 600million dollars.

There are seven beneficiaries. The husband told the court his wife insisted he give up work when she had their second child "because they could afford to live on the trust she was receiving".

Justice Cohen said a "good measure" of the manner in which the couple lived was the statement from the black American Express credit card for the year July 2006 to June 2007.

Total charges were 500,527 dollars or a touch over 9000 dollars a week.

The court heard the couple "always owned expensive cars, travelled overseas, spent 1200 dollars on one dinner at a restaurant in Tokyo and 1000 dollars at another in Paris, the whole family travelled business class by air".

The couple moved overseas in 2007 so the children could go to exclusive schools.

They spent 19,230 dollars on a television set and 4500 dollars on an espresso machine for the new house, but the marriage ended soon after, upon which the husband returned to Australia and resumed work as a casual waiter.

The husband told the court he would need 8543 dollars a week to "maintain the lifestyle he has become accustomed to".

The wife will have to pay the 4000 dollars a week until a final split of assets is agreed at a later date. (ANI)

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