Miracle test-tube twins born four years apart!

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London, June 6 (ANI): Meet IVF twins Bailey and Megan Orrells who were born a record-breaking four years apart.

And they were both born to the same surrogate mother, reports The News of the World.

The time-lapse sisters came from the last batch of eggs mum Jayne - who has had a hysterectomy - was able to produce.

All Jayne's eggs were fertilized by dad Simon through IVF, then frozen.

Bailey was born in 2006. Jayne's remaining three embryos were left in the freezer - until the end of their legal shelf life in 2009 when the couple was faced with a final heartbreak choice of using them or losing them.

Megan's defrosted embryo was the only one to make it. She was born on May 21 - a UK record for the longest gap between surrogate twins.

Bailey said: "Megan's beautiful. I absolutely love her. . . but I don't like it when she cries because it makes my tummy ache."

Jayne, 41, who had to have a hysterectomy having her first child in 1987, added tearfully: "We can't get our heads round having twin girls four years apart. It's weird, they're so alike. Facially they're the same, but Megan's slightly fairer.

"Her birth is incredible. There are no embryos left and it's not going to happen again. We're blessed - some -body up there is watching over us." (ANI)

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