Wasilla paper warns Palin expose writer of law allowing use of deadly force

Posted By: Staff
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Washington, June 1 (ANI): Former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin's hometown newspaper has in an editorial posted on its website warned journalist Joe McGinniss that there is a law that allows the use of deadly force to defend one's property.

McGinniss, 67, had moved into the house next door to Palin's as he conducts research for a book on her.

The editorial, titled "Wasilla fence fascinating for national media outlets", paints a disparaging portrait both of McGinniss' work and the national media's coverage of his controversial decision to take up temporary residence so close to Palin.

"Finally, those who are fond of Joe McGinnis [sic] might remind him (if he doesn't already know) that Alaska has a law that allows the use of deadly force in protection of life and property," the concluding sentence of the post read.

Managing editor Tom Mitchell, who wrote the editorial, said that Frontiersman's publisher, Kari Sleight, and a reporter at the newspaper had vetted it.

"I didn't see it as being controversial. It's just a statement of fact," CBS News quoted Mitchell as saying.

"Plus, it was intended to be more humorous than anything," he stated.

Mitchell added that he wrote the editorial because he was surprised by how much national interest the controversy had generated.

"I don't think Joe McGinniss is a violent guy, no, and I don't believe anyone around here would bother about taking offence," he added. (ANI)

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