Late AL-ARQAM founder created tsunami, says widow's book

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Kuala Lumpur, May 27 (ANI): The power behind the tsunami, which killed hundreds of thousands in Acheh in 2004, was AL-ARQAM founder, the late Ashaari Muhammad, his widow Hatijah Aam has claimed.

Malaysian newspaper Berita Harian has reported that Hatijah made the claim in a book she authored and launched on April 7, a month before Ashaari died from lung infection at Ipoh Specialist Hospital.

Hatijah claimed that Ashaari, who she referred to as Abuya, had the power to lift an ocean and send it away, reports the Star Online.

"Ashaari created this weapon to battle the people in the war in Acheh so that they will never go to war in Ashaari's land," it said.

In another chapter, Hatijah claimed that the lives of one family was spared when one of them shouted Abuya's name for help instead of Allah when their house was submerged by rising water.

The book has come under fire from the Indonesian Ulama Council, which said that the book's writings had deviated from Islam.

"Only Allah has the power to bring tsunami or any natural disaster," the council's secretary Rafani Akhyar told the newspaper. (ANI)

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