Iranian author reveals sexcapades with rock stars in 'The Last Living Slut'

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New York, May 24 (ANI): Iranian author Roxana Shirazi's memoir "The Last Living Slut: Born in Iran, Bred Backstage" chronicles her sexcapades with rockers like Tommy Lee, Sebastian Bach and Dizzy Reed.

According to Shirazi, several editors and agents did not take up her manuscript for fear of a fatwa from the Islamic clergy.

But authors Neil Strauss and Anthony Bozza, finally got HarperCollins to publish the book under the new Igniter imprint.

"I haven't attacked Islam itself," the New York Daily News quoted Shirazi, as saying about the book.

She added: "But they probably don't think I should be writing about doing sex during my Koran classes."

"I think I would get killed if I went back to Tehran."

Talking about her affairs, Shirazi said Tommy Lee was too "bossy" and she hated his techno music.

She went on: "I was always more into Nikki Sixx.

"But when we went to dinner, I found him a little dull. He talked about his gardening."

Speaking Axl Rose walked in on them.

Speaking of Guns N' Roses' Dizzy Reed she said the keyboardist "was childish and dorky in his seduction" but she eventually "fell in love with him," though later she realised "it was a huge mistake."

The book, which also features Shirazi in the buff, will hit the stands on June 1. (ANI)

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