Meet the Oz woman who is obsessed with letter Y!

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Melbourne, May 20 (ANI): An Australian woman, who loves the letter Y, has made sure that each of her children had names containing the alphabet.

Janette Wingrave, 32, from Ocean Grove, Victoria, who is the only one in the family without a y in her name, said she just liked the name Tayla, and at first there was nothing more to it than that.

"Mitchyl was where it started. There were so many common ones (spellings) about, and I wanted something a bit different," the Courier Mail quoted her as saying.

"Something to make the kids stand out a bit more," she explained.

Then came Harrisyn, "the only one that people have difficulties with". He got a triple dose of the ys - his second name's Bayley.

Baby Samuyl got the double-whammy second name Jay. And if he had been a girl, it was going to be Shaynae or Lilly.

"I found I was having a boy, and it was, oh! I had to start playing around again," she said.

She wanted to spell the name without the u, to make it even more of a y name, but said her husband put his foot down.

"When the kids first entered school, a few of the teachers asked how (the names) were spelt, but most people are used to it," her husband, Garry, 30, said.

"It's more a problem with the surname. A lot of people put a y in it, when it's an I," he revealed. (ANI)

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