75pct Britons still prefer CDs, DVDs and books to digital content

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London, May 18 (ANI): Almost 75 percent of Britons have said that they cannot totally shift to digital-only film or music subscription service, such as Spotify, and still prefer to buy CDs, DVDs and books.

Some of those polled in Hewlett Packard's 'Evolution of Digital Media' survey also attached less emotional or monetary value to the digital content they owned over their physical products.

In fact, 27 per cent of respondents valued their digital media collection at less than 50 pounds.

The survey was conducted among 1,000 consumers aged between 16 and 60.

And seventy-three per cent of the Britons said that they could never see a time when they would move over to a 100 per cent digital-only music or film subscription model.

While eighty-six per cent of the respondents regularly access some form of digital media, a whopping ninety-five per cent of respondents still prefer physical books over e-books and 75 per cent favour DVDs over watching films on digital services such as Blinkbox.

Sixty-eight per cent of those polled still prefer physical printouts of photographs, as opposed to their digital versions.

The youngest respondents, aged between 16 to34, were unsurprisingly the most enthusiastic digital media consumers.

However, they have not totally given up buying CDs and DVDs alongside their digital formats, with 39 per cent still investing in physical products.

"In this technologically driven age it is easy to get carried away and think that everybody is embracing digital and leaving physical behind. Our survey shows that this isn't the case. Britons are on an evolutionary journey with media still being bought on multiple formats and enjoyed using a variety of devices," the Telegraph quoted Shaun Hobbs, Home Server manager for HP Personal Systems Group UK and Ireland, as saying.

"We're not yet ready to give up the old ways of purchasing media. However, the survey shows that the benefits of being able to access and enjoy a much broader range of content thanks to the Internet are also clearly appreciated. It's a safe bet to assume attitudes will change to favour digital over physical but at present, we're happy to have both," he explained.

The PC emerged as the most popular device through which people access their digital media, capturing 56 per cent of the respondents' votes.

It was closely followed by the laptop, (47 per cent), the DVD player (28 per cent), MP3 players (25 per cent) and mobile phones (18 per cent).

Fourteen per cent of those polled said that they do not access any form of digital content at all. (ANI)

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