Oz teen kills father, resumes watching TV

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Sydney, May 17: Angered at being punished, a teenager in Australia allegedly shot his father to death and then stayed up watching TV for the rest of the night, a Sydney court was told.

The statements of facts submitted to the Justice Peter Johnson during the hearing of the case on Monday, May 17, stated that the teenager was watching TV till 10.30 pm after his father went to take rest.

"The offender stated that about 10.30 pm, he went to the cupboard and got the Hollis and Sons double barrel shotgun, loaded it and cocked it then lay down with the gun and continued to watch TV. He stated that he started thinking about past incidents, where the victim had punished him physically," a news agency quoted the statement as saying.

The accused told the police that his father was asleep when he went to his room.

"...he turned on the bedroom light, pointed the shotgun towards the victim, closed his eyes and fired the shotgun," the statement said.

According to the statement, the teenager's brother came to the room and checked whether his father was still alive.

After declaring him dead, the accused's brother went back to sleep.

"He (teenager's brother)... went back to bed and that he (teenager) stayed up for the rest of the night, watching TV. At no time did he or (the brother) call for any assistance for their father. The offender stated that he believed the victim was dead."

The teenager pleaded guilty to murdering his father on Apr 23, 2008 in the NSW Supreme Court.

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