Now, TV that switches off automatically when you snooze!

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New York, May 15 (ANI): A new, innovative television model has been created that uses facial recognition technology to determine when you're starting to snooze, and actually switches off the picture when you nod off.

According to The Guardian, the Sony Bravia WE5 comes with a heat and motion sensor that lets the system switch off the set it's playing in an empty room, and an ambient light sensor that can reduce the output from the TV's backlight if the room gets dim, reports The New York Daily News.

"If you wander to make a cup of tea you will still be able to hear the TV but it won't be wasting energy showing the picture," a Sony spokesperson explained. As soon as the TV "senses" that you're back, the picture returns.

The company is planning to roll out its "smart" sensor technology to other Bravia 2010 models. (ANI)

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