Despite ban, JeM continuing its 'jihadi' objectives through mosques, madrassas: Report

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Washington, May 7 (ANI): The arrest of some men, allegedly members of the banned terror outfit Jaish-e-Muhammed (JeM) from a mosque in Karachi in connection with the failed Times Square bombing plot, has once again highlighted the fact that these banned terror groups continue to run their nefarious activities with utmost ease, and that they are utilising madrassas and mosques for carrying out their 'jihadi' objectives.

According to noted terrorism analyst Muhammed Amir Rana groups like the JeM, which carried out the dastardly attack on the Indian Parliament in 2001, have been banned by the Pakistan government, but their main infrastructure remains intact.

"Its (JeM) main infrastructure remained intact in a form common to banned militant organizations in Pakistan: as a religious charity operating schools and hospitals and, along the way, indoctrinating fighters," Rana said.

The Karachi mosque, from where the arrests were made, is believed to be a hot bed for the JeM's nefarious activities.

Shopkeepers outside the mosque also confirmed that the JeM runs its activities from inside the mosque building.

"Every banned organization changes their name and continues on working," The Washington Post quoted Asad Raza Khan, a shopkeeper, as saying.

A resident of North Nazimabad, the area where the mosque is situated in Karachi, said he had seen weapons inside the mosque.

"After the ban, officials at the mosque washed away the jihadist slogans painted on the outside walls, but nothing else changed," he said.

Mohammed Imran, a local political leader also admitted that the JeM continues to operate from the mosque despite the government's claim of clamping down on it.

"Intelligence officials monitor the mosque. But they only watch the front door, and Jaish-e-Muhammad activists use the back one," Imran pointed out. (ANI)

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