Trauma of Manipur violence victims

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Imphal, May 5 (ANI): Manipur has been affected by militant violence for a long time and the worst sufferers are the common people.

Here is a family that was a victim of militant violence and see how they are coping with the loss of their loved one.

The simple and happy life of the family of late Singam Premananda Singh, came to an end after his death.

Premananda, the sole bread earner of the family was killed in an explosion engineered by a militant outfit at Pourabi Road in Manipur on 16th December 2007 along with six other people.

Almost four years later, the dreadful incident still haunts his family.

Premananda has left behind an aged mother, his wife and three children who live in the shadow of poverty.

Ibemma, his wife,now weaves clothes and does other menial labour to keep the family afloat.

"We are facing untold hardships after his death. I'm old and unable to work. Now, all the responsibility of the family has fallen on my daughter-in-law's shoulder. No one is there to look after us," said Thamchet Devi, mother of a victim.

The Sstate Government gave Rs one lakh to assist the Singam family and promised to provide assistance in future as well.

Still, Ibemma finds it difficult to make both ends meet and provide a future to her children.

Sometimes, she finds it difficult juggling different roles, but she sees hope in her children's eyes and is inspired to soldier on.

"It is very difficult to manage and run the family all alone. I have to raise my children, take part in locality's social services and earn money as well. Even leading a simple life is hard for us," said Ibemma Devi, wife of a victim.

Manipur has more than 30 militant groups and extortion, abductions and bomb attacks happen quite regularly in the state.

"They (militants) must think about the consequences of their actions, which normally affect innocent people. People are suffering unnecessarily due to their mindless acts. We are against them," Devi added.

The story doesn't end with the Singam family; there are several other families that have suffered a similar fate.

Here are many families like that of Premananda who have been victims of militants' activities in the state.

People in the state live in fear that the same fate could befall hem at any time. (ANI)

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