Cameron on way to becoming the next UK PM

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London, May 2 (ANI): Tory leader, David Cameron is almost certain to become Britain's next Prime Minster if pre-election polls are to be gone by.

The tipping point for the Tories came after there was a surge in upport of rivals Lib-Dems. These voters withdrew their support rom arch-rivals Labour Party in favour of the Lib-Dems

The three parties have been going neck-to-neck according to various pre-election surveys, but a News of The World report claims that the Tories have a slim majority of just four seats.

According to the ICM Marginals poll, there has been a vast improvement in Tory performance. The survey reveals that Cameron is on course to win 311 seats, an increase of 113 seats from the last election.

That means Cameron, with the support of the Unionist parties in Northern Ireland, will have a majority of four and will be able to form a government reports the paper.

It also indicates that the number of people favouring a hung parliament has dropped from 39 per cent to 31 per cent. The Labour Party has around 22 percent (down from 26 percent) support, or approximately one out of five people rooting for it.

An overwhelming majority is voting for a change in office. (69 percent). Cameron is a well-liked politician whose charisma has managed to make his party a front-runner in the race for the prime ministerial post.

However, most voters said that they would vote tactically, which means last minute upsets cannot be ruled out. (ANI)

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