Comedy Central alters potentially offensive South Park episode featuring Prophet Mohammed

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London, Apr 28 (ANI): Comedy Central, the channel that broadcasts South Park has taken a controversial decision to alter the show's 201st episode in order to avoid a Muslim backlash

The preceding episode portrayed the founders of major world religions, including Mohammed as crime-fighters. The show also parodied Jesus and Buddha.

South Park's creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, were sent a warning by a New York-based radical Islamic website for the 200th episode.

According The Telegraph, the Mohammed character was introduced as part of a joke about censorship based on the 2006 death threats made against Danish cartoonists by Islamist extremists, who see any depiction of Muhammad as a gross insult to their religion.

In the 201st episode, all mentions of the Prophet were "bleeped" out and his image was blocked out with the word "censored."

Mr Parker and Mr Stone released a statement: "In the 14 years we've been doing South Park we have never done a show that we couldn't stand behind. We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode."

Meanwhile the creators of the iconic Simpsons expressed solidarity with the creators of South Park.

"South Park - we'd stand beside you if we weren't so scared," Bart Simpson wrote on the blackboard in the opening sequences. (ANI)

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