Stability of Pak may fall prey to massive electricity deficit

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New York, Apr.27 (ANI): Besides fighting the Taliban, which is threatening its very existence, and a sluggish economy, Pakistan finds itself mired in what appears to be its biggest crisis currently, the huge electricity deficit.

With power outages ranging from over 12 hours a day in most parts of the country, Pakistanis have been forced to return to ancient means of lighting such as candles and gas lamps.

With an excruciating summer, the power crisis has added to the woes of the people as it is severely affecting the business and day-to-day work.

The government has failed completely to soothe the simmering anger prevailing amidst the masses, which could have a determining effect on its future. Rather than finding a solution to the power shortage, it has introduced power-saving measures, which are being strongly opposed by the locals.

"They are playing a joke on us," The New York Times quoted Amina Ali, the mother of a bride at a wedding hall that was under orders to close early as part of the new energy-saving restrictions, as saying.

"The Pakistani people are a toy in the hands of the government," added Ali's brother.

According to analysts, the issue could even destabilize the country if the government continues to ignore it.

"Pakistan badly needs its economy to expand to make space for its bulging young population, and chronic power cuts work against that," the newspaper said.

Observers believe that the issue is a cause of worry for the United States also, as it is trying hard to keep the democratically elected government afloat.

Upset and frustrated over the government's attitude over the issue, businessmen in Lahore, who once used to make good money, are planning to leave the country.

"I should move from here before I have nothing. Staying means committing suicide," said Ali Raza, a printing press owner, who had once a prospering business.

Raza said the power crisis has almost rendered him bankrupt as he has lost clients and has also been forced to give up his upper-middle-class lifestyle.

"There's no income; we are very worried. We feel helpless. Should we do crime?" said Mirza Arif Beg, a metal polisher in Lahore whose family business is collapsing. (ANI)

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