Terrorists could soon access scent-killing machine

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New York, Apr.23 (ANI): Bombers could soon have access to a 300-dollar odour-destroying machine, which can easily mask both human smell and bomb-making activity.

According to security experts, the Ozonics HR-100 can look to skirt the keen noses of bomb-sniffing dogs and can be purchased from any local hunting store.

The device measures 8 3/4 x 4 7/8 x 3 3/8 inches, weighs about 5 pounds and comes in its own camouflaged-patterned bag. It's perfectly legal, and it's sold in hunting stores across the country;

According to Fox News, recent tests run by the FBI and New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department in collaboration with a private security company concluded that the inexpensive ozone machines have the potential to mask explosives completely.

The results of the tests, a summary of which was dated April 7, were included in a Canadian intelligence report obtained by fox news.com.

"Preliminary testing on odor mitigating devices - instruments that have the capability to eliminate human, explosives, and drug odors - reveals vulnerabilities to U.S. explosives discovery capabilities," the report states.

It added: "FBI field office, private security company, and Rail Transit Authority tests have determined that odor mitigating devices have the potential to completely mask explosives odors from canine detection."

Ozone eliminates odors by destroying - not masking - bacteria, germs and viruses. The use of ozone in heavy-duty cleaning products is nothing new, but a Texas-based company called Ozonics, which was founded by a group of hunters, has changed the game by making an ozone device portable, according to the intelligence report. (ANI)

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