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Bangalore, Apr 19: The net savvy politician Shashi Tharoor, who won the hearts of Internet crazy population of the country with his insightful and sometimes personal posts on Twitter, can now take solace also on the Internet.

Various online campaigns supporting Shashi Tharoor have come up. Besides Tharoor's stronghold - the microblogging site Twitter, social networking sites such as Facebook featured campaigns backing the leader during the tough times.

The minister, who faced heat from several spheres over the allegations of corruption and misuse of power in the wake of the Indian Premier League (IPL) Kochi controversy, resigned from the post of Minister of State for External Affairs on Sunday, Apr 18 night.

“Shashi Tharoor is a person with an exceptional global experience. Its a foul play against him, we don't care his private life," tweeted on of his supporters.

On Facebook, a group has been constituted by Tharoor supporters from Kerala. A statement on the page reads, “He stood for us… Now it"s our turn to stand for him."

The support does not stop there. The politician's supporters have also gone ahead and created a website just to gather support for him.

"We are here to say, we support you Shashi Tharoor. Don't let them pull you down for you will take our hopes and dreams for a better and brighter India with you. You bring to India everything we had ever hoped would change, and we stand by you," says Support Shashi Tharoor website.

As of now, the website has been able to collect 1665 pledges in support of the politician, from Kerala.

"Allegations remain as allegations only unless proved otherwise. The main point here is who is right? Is it Lalit Modi or Sashi Tharoor? Quiting the Government by Mr Tharoor could have decided after the allegations proved against him. PM and High Command of Congress was in a hurry fearing the opposition," a supporter wrote on the website.

Most of the comments on the website express anguish over the fact that a 'Gentleman' like Shashi Tharoor could not survive in the 'dirty' world of Indian politics.

"It was so unfortunate of Shashi Tharoor to has to resign. I guess his political enemies are content now. Shame on Lalit Modi and the north Indian lobby. Also on the leaders from Kerala who did not support him," a supporter wrote.

There are many names raised in the comments too.

"Dear Mr Tharoor; We all know that you have been made the scape goat for the Mighty and powerfull political wigbigs, who have the real dirty deals in IPL. Why nobody is talking about Praful Patel or Sharad Pawar as they also got under the table connections with IPL?" questioned another.

Minister or not, Shashi Tharoor would still continue to reign the world of Internet as a person who pioneered the use of this medium as a tool.

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