Intel unveils mind-reading brain scans

Posted By: Staff
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New York, Apr 9 (ANI): Intel Corp. has unveiled a software that uses brain scans to determine what people are thinking.

The new technology is apparently 90 percent accurate, reports The New York Daily News.

Although the "human brain" project is still in development, it could help the severely physically disabled to communicate and "revolutionize the way people interact with technology."

"Future improvements to brain scanning technology could mean that today's 2 million dollars, 12-foot device will one day be small enough to wear on a head band or in a hat or behind your ear and allow us to interface with the global network simply through the power of our thoughts," Intel researcher Dean Pomerleau said.

"This is the future of hands-free technology," Pomerleau said. "We think eventually people won't want to carry around what we consider now a convenient mobile device. They'll want to interface with information and people without a device in between. So we're investigating what the possibilities are for direct brain-to-computer and eventually brain-to-brain communication." (ANI)

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