Binman renamed 'waste management and disposal technician'!

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London, Mar 30 (ANI): More and more job titles are being glamorised nowadays, making straightforward occupations sound attractive.

A call centre worker is now being called as a Collections and Recoveries Credit Services Advisor, while lifeguards like Donna D'Errico in TV's Baywatch are called as "Wet Leisure Assistants", reports the Daily Star.

The pretentious title for a swimming pool lifeguard was given to attendants at local authority baths in Ceredigion, mid-Wales, revealed a survey by the BBC, which asked the public to send in details of their favourite stupid titles.

But one of the funniest responses to the BBC appeal came from Brigitte, in Hove, East Sussex, a hospital ward sister who is described as a "modality manager".

Puzzled and worried patients think she's a "mortality manager".

Alex, from Newcastle, says he is a binman, but his occupation has been given the title "waste management and disposal technician".

Below are 20 of the wackiest titles compiled by the BBC Magazine website:

1. Internal Communications Co-ordinator - office messenger

2. Family Protection Consultant - insurance salesman

3. Vertical Transport Engineer - lift engineer

4. Welcoming Agent and Telephone Intermediary - receptionist

5. Co-ordinator of Interpretive Teaching - tour guide

6. Global Talent Supply - recruitment consultant

7. Information Advisor - librarian

8. Collections and Recoveries Credit Services Advisor - call centre worker

9. Communications Executive - telesales

10. Investment Development and Research Analyst - technical helpdesk

11. Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst - accountant

12. Field Force Agent - tax collector

13. Mission Control Analyst - banker

14. Process Operative - chicken packer

15. Direct Debit and Membership and Professional Development Stock Administrator - customer services

16. Surveyorship Enumerator - counting cars going through traffic lights

17. Employer Engagement Co-ordinator - work placement officer

18. Civil Resilience Manager - emergencies co-ordinator

19. Cardboard Citizens Managing Director - theatre boss

20. Detached Mobile Youth Provision And Rapid Response Manager - Supervising at risk children (ANI)

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