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Gold coin 'worn by Caesar's assassin' to go on display at British Museum

By Super Admin

London15 (ANI): A gold coin emblematic of Julius Caesar's assassination is to be showcased at the British Museum to mark the 2054th anniversary of the Roman emperor's death.

It shows the head of Brutus on one side, while two daggers and the date, 'Eid Mar', the Ides of March is etched on the other.

Seemingly, Brutus had issued the coin after Caeser was murdered.

The coin has a hole at the top, hinting it may have been worn by one of Caesar's assassin.

Caesar had been stabbed 23 times at the Roman Senate in 44BC.

Cassius Dio, the Roman historian, wrote of the coins in the second century AD: "Brutus stamped upon the coins which were being minted in his own likeness and a cap and two daggers, indicating by this and by the inscription that he and Cassius had liberated the fatherland."

The British Museum, which saw it in 1932, could not buy the artefact then, reports the Telegraph.

However, they have been able to exhibit it through a loan from a private collector. (ANI)

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