Meet the man who dumps your lover for you over the phone - and posts it online!

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Toronto, Mar 5 (ANI): Bradley Laborman calls and informs people that their lovers have dumped them, as part of his job.

The '' operator from Mount Pleasant, Iowa has made splitsville smoother with his unique e-business.

Laborman charges 10 dollars for the favor.

He also posts some of the heart-wrenching, sleazy and just-plain-uncomfortable recordings of the calls on his YouTube channel.

Laborman says he has got both young and old clientele and it is primarily female.

"I've had college kids, I've had older people. I think I had somebody who was at least 40 in a breakup situation. Surprisingly, it's a lot more female - a lot more females are dumping males," Globe and Mail quoted him as saying.

The 32-year-old man insists that people often find it impossible to break-up.

He added: "It's fear. I had one guy who couldn't do it because every time he tried to do it, he'd end up having breakup sex with her and get back together.

"He didn't have the willpower to break up with her. I think a lot of them have tried a couple times to break up with the person, and it's just not getting through to them."

Apparently, Laborman finds it therapeutic to post the break-ups online.

He said: "It's therapeutic. Somebody knows a person like that. I put it on there because if you think you're in a bad relationship right now, listen to some of these dumps and realize you could have it a lot worse off." (ANI)

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