Did Swami Nithyananda promise celibacy?

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Did Swami Nithyananda promise celibacy?
"In yet another shocking incident, a self-styled god man Swami Nityananda has been found involved in a sex scandal after a news channel released footage showing him in a compromising position with Tamil actresses, who have not been been identified yet."

This is the sentence which appeared in many news papers and news sites on Mar 3, 2010. In major internet search engines like Google and Yahoo top ten search words were related to Swami Nityananda - Tamil actress sex scandal.

Nithyananda ashrams in several places in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have been attacked. Petitions are pouring in from 'shocked" members of the public and from politicians seeking action against the 'criminal' Nithyananda.

It is extremely difficult to predict how one so quickly turns into a perpetrator in the public's eye. All just because of a video aired by news channels or due to a negative piece in the newspaper.

This is applicable to Swami Nithyananda along with to former Andhra Pradesh Governor N D Tiwari, both of whom face the country's wrath over a sex tape obtained by media.

The possibility of the video being fake with a look alike acting as the person can not be ruled out.

Sun News claimed that it got this video CD from their news drop box in the office. How can they conclude that the video is of the said person? Is it ethically right for a media organisation to air a video clip like this which is dropped in the news drop box?

No guilt can be presumed until the charge has been proved beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law. So why people are acting on moral grounds in a country where law prevails?

Is it illegal for two people to have consensual sex? Indian law says no.

The law is the same even for politicians and religious leaders. Then, why is it that we assume that people who enjoy high social and religious status should not indulge in deeds which are legally correct, even if morally incorrect.

Even though Nithyananda's attire and way of living may have given his followers certain idea of asceticism, did Nityananda himself ever claim to be a celibate? Assumptions are due to ignorance.

Did ND Tiwari ever tell the public that he lives a life of high moral stature? Then why is it that we presume that they are following moral high standards. Most of the individuals are not morally fair, but they want all others to be morally fair. Why is it so?

Why people have high expectations of gurus and godmen? In India godman and ashram had become a good business like many political parties. Common people have to understand the genuine face of dissemblers.

If Nithyananda or ND Tiwari had committed a crime let them face legal action.

On 3rd Mar 2010 there were many videos related to Nityananda - Movie actress scandal in Youtube.com. But some of the videos are not seen on 4th Mar 2010. It was showing the following text instead. “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam".

So is the Dhyanaeetam claiming that the video is owned by them and taken in their ashram?

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