Palin vows to continue scribbling on hand

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Washington, March 4 (ANI): Sarah Palin has vowed she would continue scribbling notes on her palms to irk her political rivals.

The former Alaska Governor was mocked after she read notes off her hand during a speech at National Tea Party convention.

And the 2008 Republic vice-presidential nominee appeared to be hitting back as she walked on stage at "The Tonight Show," to meet host Jay Leno with the note on her hand that read "Good evening and welcome to 'The Tonight Show.'"

"I wrote three things that represent a solution to challenges in America. I wrote 'energy,' energy independence. You know, there's an inherent link between energy and prosperity, energy and security. I wrote 'tax cuts.' That's the only way we're going to be able to create jobs is by allowing our employers to keep more of what they earn. And then I wrote 'look to the American spirit.' And those are three things that I think our country needs today to get us back on the right track," the Politico quoted her as saying.

Palin added: "So writing those, I don't think anybody could argue the substance, but they certainly argued the format."

She went on to promise: "I take notes today, even on the palm of my hand. And just to get the left all wee-wee'd up and get their heads spinning, I'm going to promise that I'm going to keep doing it." (ANI)

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