Mystery surrounds Hamas official's death after Dubai names 15 more suspects in case

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London, Feb. 25 (ANI): Clouds of mystery is surrounding the death of a senior Hamas official, after Dubai Police indicated the involvement of 15 members of an alleged Mossad squad in his assassination, six of them reportedly used fake British passports.

The announcement brings to 26 the total number of people, six of them women, suspected of involvement in Mahmoud al-Mabhouh's assassination, which is widely believed to have been the work of Israel's secret service, the Mossad, The Guardian reports.

The authorities in the emirate said the newly named suspects may have provided logistical support for the assassination of the Palestinian official.

Many used credit cards that were issued by the same small US bank, and flew in from Zurich, Paris, Rome and Frankfurt.

"This was to take deception to its -highest level and guarantee the avoidance of any security supervision or observation of their movements," the Dubai government said.

The six new British names are Mark Daniel Sklar, Roy Allan Cannon, Daniel Marc Schnur, Philip Carr, Stephen Keith Drake and Gabriella Barney.

A total of 12 British passport holders have now been named.

Six Irish passports, three French, three Australian and one German document were also used.

A newspaper reported that 10 of the 15 new suspects share the names of Israelis who hold dual citizenship.

Like all the others, Korman said he had not visited Dubai but did travel around the world and regularly flew back to Australia.

"I have been frightened and shocked since receiving the news. It's irresponsible and a violation of human and individual rights to do such a thing," said the Australian-born 34-year-old who lives and works in Tel Aviv. (ANI)

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