Actions that could get you kicked off your flight

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Melbourne, Feb 23 (ANI): If you're planning to wear a skimpy outfit while boarding a plane or hoping to breastfeed your baby mid-air, think again - these actions might just get you kicked off from your flight.

Kyla Ebbert, a Hooters employee, was about to be removed from a flight as she was wearing a tight-fitting white top, green sweater and a white denim mini-skirt.

Ebbert was allowed to stay in the flight only after she negotiated with the crew by offering to pull her top up and skirt down.

A woman registered a complaint against Delta Air Lines and Freedom Airlines in 2006 claiming she was kicked off a flight for breast-feeding her child.

Emily Gillette said she was discreetly breast-feeding her 22-month-old daughter on a flight between Burlington and New York, which prompted a flight attendant to remove her from the plane.

According to the airline she refused their request to use a blanket "to provide a little more discretion".

Two men were thrown out of a flight between Dallas and Vegas in 2009 due to their strange response to a woman's perfume.

"The passengers smelled a ladies perfume, liked it and proceeded to lean over their seats and press their noses against her neck to smell it more. It was unreal," quoted flight attendant Bobby Laurie, from a major US airline, as saying.

A Muslim family was asked to get off an AirTran flight in January after passengers overheard them discussing the safest place to sit and took them to be terrorists.

Although, the family were cleared of any wrongdoing, the airline refused to rebook them.

Mitchell Roslin and his family had to get off a flight when he asked for water at a plane in La Guardia Airport, US. Roslin said the water was for his wife, who was seven month pregnant.

The cabin had overheated after the Spirit Airlines plane experienced engine trouble. Roslin was informed it was "against corporate policy" to give water to passengers before the plane took off.

Thereafter, he was asked to leave the plane, and his wife and two children got off with him. (ANI)

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