Cherry tree that blossoms all year round created

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London, Feb 17 (ANI): Japanese scientists have created a new breed of cherry tree that blossoms throughout the year.

Using heavy ion beams, boffins created the culturally iconic cherry blossoms, reports The Telegraph.

For centuries, Japanese have celebrated the arrival of spring by sitting beneath cherry trees, but due to global warming and the rising temperatures, the trees are blooming earlier every year. Not only that, research suggests that the trees are producing fewer blooms.

"We have noticed that since around 1990, temperatures have been rising noticeably and the number of cherry blossoms being produced has decreased," said Dr. Tomoko Abe, head of the Radiation Biology Team at the state-run RIKEN research institute.

"Cherry trees require a minimum of 8,000 hours of low temperatures over the winter to produce the optimum blossoms, but as Japan gets warmer we are falling short of that figure," the expert said.-And that is a problem because we Japanese love cherry blossom season," the researcher added.

However, Abe's team has now created a cherry tree that blooms in all four seasons, keeping its flowers for longer, producing more blossoms and under a wider range of temperatures than any existing breeds. (ANI)

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