Sex education recommendation for kids as young as 10 sparks outrage

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Washington, February 9 (ANI): A report recommending children as young as 10 to be given extensive sex education has been slammed by religious and conservative groups.

"Stand and Deliver," a new report by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, advocated that children 10 and older be given a "comprehensive sexuality education" by governments, aid organizations and other groups, including awareness about sexual pleasures.

Bert Koenders, the Netherlands Minister for Development Cooperation, wrote: "Young people have the right to be informed about sexuality and to have access to contraceptives and other services."

The report further said that sex education should be "recast" to show sexuality as a "positive force for change and development, as a source of pleasure, an embodiment of human rights and an expression of self", reports Fox News.

The paper also argued that religious groups, specifically Catholics and Muslims, kept their young from accessing comprehensive sexual programs and education.

It stated: "Young people's sexuality is still contentious for many religious institutions. Fundamentalist and other religious groups - the Catholic Church and madrasas (Islamic Schools) for example - have imposed tremendous barriers that prevent young people, particularly, from obtaining information and services related to sex and reproduction. Currently, many religious teachings deny the pleasurable and positive aspects of sex."

The recommendations were said to have left religious and conservative groups reeling.

Ed Mechmann, spokesman for New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, claimed that Planned Parenthood was "trying to teach children sex without values and that sex is a matter of pleasure and done without consequences."

Michelle Turner, president of the Maryland-based Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, added: "What are they trying to do? They are trying to eliminate the role of mom and dad in the family. For Planned Parenthood to decide that governments, private organizations and religious organizations should make decisions about kids' sexuality is just going too far."

She added: "It is part of a bigger push to change the way we think about sex. That sex is all about pleasure and there are no consequences. They are wrong. No matter how much we teach children, some will make mistakes. They will forget. And Planned Parenthood doesn't want to deal with that." (ANI)

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