Indo-Pak conflicting security concerns in Afghanistan'dilemma' for US: Holbrooke

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Washington, Feb.5 (ANI) : US Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke has said that the conflicting security concerns of countries like India and Pakistan in Afghanistan serve as a major 'dilemma' for the Obama administration.

"The Indians have a legitimate series of security interests in that region, as do a number of other countries including, of course, Pakistan, China, and all the other countries that neighbour on Afghanistan," Holbrooke said when asked to comment over the traditional elbowing between India and Pakistan for playing a greater role in Afghanistan.

"The dilemma arises when those security interests tend to be in conflict. Afghanistan has suffered throughout history by the fact that it has sometimes become the terrain for surrogate struggles for power. We do not want to see that happen. I hope that that will be something we can continue to work on," he added.

Holbrooke also ruled out any chances of the US playing the role of an 'intermediator' between India and Pakistan.

"We are not going to negotiate or mediate on that issue and I'm going to try to keep my record and not even mention it by name," The Dawn quoted Holbrooke, as saying.

When asked to comment on a request by some Pakhtun tribal organisations that the names of wanted extremists such as Mullah Omar and Gulbuddin Hikmatyar should be removed from the UN terrorist list, he said it is impossible in the current context.

"I don't think that the people you mentioned qualify for that kind of treatment. I cannot see that under the current circumstances anyone could realistically remove those names," Holbrooke said. (ANI)

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