Al-Qaeda, Taliban share 'no love' for each other: Laden's son

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New Delhi, Jan.27 (ANI): Describing the ties between the Al-Qaeda and Taliban as an alliance of 'convenience', Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden's son Omar bin Laden has said that it is a mistake to say that the two banned terror organisations 'love' each other.

"Although Al-Qaeda and the Taliban organisations band together when necessary, they do not love one another," Omar said in an interview through email.

"If there were no more enemies left on earth, I believe they would fight each other," he added.

Omar, 28, also rejected media reports which suggested that Taliban chief Mullah Omar and his father shared a cordial relationship and discuss issues with each other.

"Journalists still write stories that my father and Mullah Omar are very close and confer with the other. I do not believe this. I was by my father's side when he met with Mullah Omar. Although the two form alliances when needed, each is happier with his own organisation and the men in that organisation. Do not believe what you read about al Qaeda and the Taliban being close comrades," said Omar, who did not disclose his whereabouts citing security reasons.

When asked how he would feel if his father was killed in combat, he said: "I have no way of knowing how my father's life will end.

Only God knows. I will say that if he is killed in combat, some Muslims will mourn him, but this is not a secret in the world,"

The Al-Qaeda's leader's fourth eldest son, Omar broke with his father in early 2001 and left Afghanistan.

He is said to be living with Laden's first wife Najwa. Both have also authored a book portraying their awkward relationship with Laden. (ANI)

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