Increasing taxes may help reduce tobacco use

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Washington, Jan 23 (ANI): Raising tobacco taxes could significantly reduce tobacco use, say experts.

A new American Cancer Society report has outlined 21 challenges and needs for global tobacco control, covering the wide range of issues to be addressed and expertise needed to reduce the rising tide of tobacco use worldwide, particularly in the low- and middle-income nations that are the target of the multinational tobacco industry.

They say that raising the tax imposed on tobacco would certain reduce the number of people consuming it.

In addition, increasing the access to comprehensive treatment for tobacco dependence for those who wish to stop their tobacco use, would also help.

Increase media-based tobacco counter-marketing campaigns. Although the tobacco industry will always far outspend tobacco control advocates, novel, entertaining, cutting-edge tobacco counter-marketing campaigns have been shown to attract attention and support far beyond the amount of funds spent and to have a direct effect on reducing tobacco use.

By increasing health warnings on tobacco packaging with more graphics, tobacco users are more likely to pay attention to them.

Many tobacco users, policymakers, and even health care professionals are largely unaware, or only vaguely aware, of the other cancers, heart disease, lung disease, pre- and postnatal conditions, etc that are caused by tobacco use, increasing the availability of tobacco health/economic information to the general public may do the needful.

Decreasing tobacco use by physicians and other health care providers may also help.

The WHO has estimated that the prevalence of smoking among women worldwide will be 20pct by 2025, compared with the 12pct of the world's women who currently smoke. Decreasing the targeting of women may help curb the use of tobacco.

Providing smoke-free environments has been proven to not only protect nonsmokers, but also encourage smokers to quit and focus greater attention on the need for tobacco control measures.

Decreasing tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship and youth access of tobacco can also help. (ANI)

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