Ringtones on Quranic verses improper: Grand Mufti

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Cairo, Jan 21: Reacting to the popularity in the use of Quranic verses as ringtones among the Egyptians, the Grand Mufti of Egypt has criticized the trend calling it improper as it demeans the religious scriptures' sacredness.

"Using the Quran as ringtones is improper because it compromises the sacredness of the verse," said Sheikh Ali Jumah, the Grand Mufti of Egypt and one of the world's most respectable Muslim scholars.

However, users of the ringtones have a different version to the practice.

The young Egyptians consider the use of the ring tones as declaration of their faith, while the older Egyptians consider the tone to be far more respectful than pop songs.

The strongest criticism came from the cultural elite who asked the Grand Mufti to use the religious point of view on more important issues like corruption or embezzlement.

As the debate continues, the section of people who will be badly affected by the fatwa are those who are making a fortune by selling the ringtones to devoted Muslims.

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