Meet Prince William, the super chick magnet

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Melbourne, Jan 21 (ANI): Prince William has been seen as a super chick magnet after he was swamped by Australian women at Sydney's Botanic Gardens.

Even his well documented commitment to Kate Middleton did not stop Aussie women from lining up to see him or in some cases proposing him on the spot.

William, 27, attended a barbecue at Mrs Macquarie's Chair, and of the 2000 plus people gathered there, women made up a majority of the crowd.

Girls screamed "I love you William" and everyone clamoured to shake his hand.

"It was just the perfect handshake. It was gentle . . . like a prince," the Australian quoted Alexandra Green, 15, of Castle Hill as saying.

The mere presence of the Prince was overwhelming for some, with one woman bursting into tears, while others felt their cheeks go rosy.

"I got all tingly and did go a little bit red," Jemima Jones of Parramatta said.

Bill Ratcliffe, 76, of Millers Point, said he was nervous before the prince's arrival. He had only hoped to see the prince and was overcome when he reached out and shook his hand.

"If he had spoke to me I would have just gone 'mum mum mum'. I would have been dumb, speechless," Ratcliffe said.

"A girl nearby asked him if he'd marry her but he just chortled-he didn't say yes or no," he added.

Two young girls carrying a sign for the prince and an Australian flag were so moved by the appearance they vowed they would "totally never vote for a republic". (ANI)

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