'Magical bowl that can cure erectile dysfunction'

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Kuala Lumpur, Jan 18n (ANI): Mohd Nor Daud of Kampung Seberang Jerteh claims that an antique Chinese bowl passed on to him by his father possesses magical powers and can even cure erectile dysfunction.According to the 70-year-old Public Works Department retiree, the bowl - believed to date back to the 16th century - was possibly given to his ancestors by Chinese traders.

He said seawater could be turned into freshwater if kept in the bowl for eight hours.

"Those suffering from illnesses like impotence can be cured if the water in the bowl is consumed," the Star Online quoted Mohd Nor, as saying.

He also said cooked food like chicken curry did not go bad if it was stored in the bowl for days without refrigeration.

He said: "I have tested it myself. Surprisingly, the food can be preserved for days. It's like being stored in a refrigerator."

Mohd Nor explained that his father had told him about the supernatural powers of the bowl before his death.

He said: "He asked me to treasure it until my last breath."

Mohd Nor revealed that the 132cm and 16cm bowl produced a violin-like melody when it was slowly tilted to its side.

He pointed out that anyone wanting to lift the bowl had to clean their hands failing which they would not even be able to pick it up.

Mohd Nor claims that an old man appeared in his dream once and told him how to use the bowl to cure illnesses.

But he said he failed to understand the message in the dream.

He said he would keep the bowl safely and "would hand it to my children when the time is right."

Mohd Nor added that a relic collector from Kelantan offered him RM5,000 for the bowl but he did not sell it. (ANI)

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