Computer teacher Hardeep writing Gurbani in calligraphy

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Amritsar, Jan 13(ANI): Hardeep Singh, a computer teacher by profession, but an achiever and an artist by heart, as he has been rewriting the Gurbani, the Sikh scriptures, in calligraphy.

Hardeep prints the borderline of the page on computer and writes the verses of Gurbani with his hands, and says that he undertook the work because he had not seen anybody doing it before.

"Art is in my blood. My ancestors have been in this profession for several years. I used to paint from the beginning, but later on, I developed an interest in calligraphy. It's been almost a year since I am doing it. The response is very good. Calligraphy means beautiful writing and it originated in England. I never heard of anybody doing calligraphy in Gurbani, so I thought of starting calligraphy in Punjabi," Hardeep Singh said.

"Whenever I get free time from my job, I do it. It takes a lot of time in writing calligraphy. I get up early to write. I make borders on computer, trace it and take a print out and then do calligraphy with hand. I get all support and inspiration from my parents. I have learnt everything from my father, uncle and grandfather and I am doing it under their guidance. I have been seeing them doing paintings since my childhood, and then, I followed them. I have made number of religious paintings besides I do straight life paintings also. I also paint with watercolor and oil on canvas," he added.

He is the great grandson of Bhai Gian Singh Naqqash, who worked on a portion of the sanctum sanctorum in the Golden Temple, and now plans to write the Gutka Sahib and the Japji Sahib as well. (ANI)

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