Healthy alternative to aspirin - tomatoes

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London, Dec 22 (ANI): Scientists are now recommending tomatoes as a healthy alternative to aspirin.

Clinical trials have shown that the natural gel in tomato seeds can prevent clotting and improve blood circulation in the body.

Professor Asim Dutta-Roy from the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen ade the discovery.

The colourless, tasteless gel can be added to various foods and consumed.

In fact, it is already being used in one fruit juice product Fruitflow.

EU health officials have also accepted the medicinal value of the gel and permitted the use of such claims on packaged products.

Although, millions of older people presently take small doses of aspirin every day to improve blood flow, the drug can lead to bleeding in the stomach and also trigger off the development of ulcers.

"To date, no side effects have been demonstrated during the development of Fruitflow," the Telegraph quoted Prof Dutta-Roy, as saying.

Studies show Fruitflow consumption can smoothen the flow of blood within three hours and the effect can last up to 18 hours. (ANI)

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