Alcohol cheaper than water in UK!

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London, December 20 (ANI): Alcohol is cheaper than water at some supermarkets in Britain.

Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's have marked the price of beer at 5p per 100ml, while 100ml brand-name mineral water is available for 8p.

However, the companies have come under fire for promoting binge drinking, reports The Times.

Earlier this year, Sir Liam Donaldson, chief medical officer for England and Wales, had suggested the policy of minimum pricing for alcohol to tackle the issue.

He speculated that increasing the cost of an average six-pack of lager to 6 pounds would save up to 3,400 lives a year.

However, the alcohol industry and Prime Minister Gordon Brown dismissed the suggestion.

Campaigners are worried that cheaply available liquor may lead to increase in alcohol addiction.

Don Shenker, chief executive of Alcohol Concern, said: "Unless they tackle the problem of cheap alcohol, they are fighting a losing battle. The evidence shows young people and harmful drinkers are drawn to very cheap alcohol.

"Supermarkets sell alcohol at a loss because they know it gets people into the stores. A lot of these sales are irresponsible."

Also, spokeswoman for the British Medical Association added: "It is a real worry that you can buy alcohol cheaper than mineral water. We have a huge problem with alcohol abuse in the UK, so we want a clampdown on these cut-throat price deals." (ANI)

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