Pakistan Radio raises bogey of a 'nuclear war in the sub-continent'

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Gurdaspur, Dec.19 (ANI): In a tone full of desperation Radio Pakistan in the latest edition of its Punjabi Durbar programme has said that Pakistan may use nuclear bomb against India as a last resort.

The broadcast is in line with the diplomatic efforts of Pakistan to suggest to the Western world that they should exert pressure on India to solve the 'core issue' of Kashmir to ensure peace in the sub-continent and see that the two 'nuclear neighbours' live in amity.

However, experts on security related issues here rubbished threats of a nuclear conflict, and asked Pakistan to first keep its house in order, stop talking of a war with India.

"The question is the not of winning the wars. The people of Pakistan are not aware of the result of a nuclear conflict. The government talks of a war but its people are not mentally prepared for the calamities and consequences. This is foolishness," said Professor R.C.Thakur, an expert on Security matters.

"There is no question of Pakistan winning a war with India. It is a bewildered country. Not a day passes without a bomb blast engineered by fundamentalists. " Prof. Thakur added.

The broadcasters of Radio Pakistan need to know that India had to go nuclear only because of Pakistan secretly equipped itself with nuclear bombs. It also sold nuclear know how to other States. The world is fully aware of the activities of nuclear scientist A.Q.Khan's and his involvement in selling off nuclear technology to other countries.

The world leaders are worried that Pakistan has become a haven for terrorists.

Prof. Thakur said that it was sad that a country which is unable to ensure peace for its citizens and establish law and order, and have basic infrastructure in place for development, talks of going into war or using nuclear bombs. (ANI)

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