TN electricity board distributes electricity appliances to minimise power consumption

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Coimbatore, Dec 18 (ANI): In a bid to conserve electricity, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board has launched a drive to replace the conventional incandescent bulbs with Compact Florescent Lights (CFL).

Besides energy conservation, the use of the CFL bulbs will help in resisting the most serious environmental concern, global warming, as it will help to do away with the collateral emission of heat produced by the conventional incandescent bulbs.

The state department is distributing CFL, the eco-friendly appliance, free of cost in large numbers.

According Tamil Nadu electricity board officials 5000 CFL bulbs have been already distributed.he officials maintain that although the cost of the entire project would be high, the long-term benefits will be far more than the expenses.

We had started to replace incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs , the incandescent bulb not only emits light but also heat. We had started this campaign to marginalize the incandescent bulb ,for this reason. So far we have distributed 5000 CFL bulbs to the people,"said Thangavelu, Chief Engineer, Tamil Nadu Electricity board, Coimbatore region.

"By the end of this year we have planned to distribute over 50,000 CFL bulbs, free of cost. With the investment of 2.5 Billion Rupees we can completely discontinue the use of incandescent bulbs in the state, this will save us 500 mw of power. 1 MW of power costs Rs 500 million. So it will save 35 billion Rupees, "he added.

Coimbatore locals are responding to the initiative enthusiastically. (ANI)

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