Climate Summit: India doing everything in consultation with BASIC group

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Copenhagen, Dec 18 (ANI): Union Minister of State for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh reiterated that India doing everything in consultation with the BASIC group and there is not a question of India moving or India accepting.

Interacting with the Indian journalists on the sidelines of the UN summit on Climate Change here Ramesh said: "We have been talking with Brazil and South Africa, China not a question of India moving or India accepting, we are doing everything in consultation with the basic group."

"We are coordinating with Africa. But obviously this verification issue is one that concerns the basic group the most. Because these are the ones, which are fast, growers and therefore the emitters amongst the developing countries are concerned. India, China, Brazil and South Africa we have a stated position, its there in the BASIC draft," he added.

Ramesh further disclosed "Today this was reiterated to the US chief negotiator and climate change envoy and he expressed support for some of the elements, he disagreed with some of the elements that we have suggested and we are trying to work out a coordinated position. We don't want this to become a make or break issue."

Noting that India should be the world leader for transparency Ramesh said: "We should be the last ones to be worried about transparency. We have one of the most transparent systems in the world, we have the most accountable systems in the world.

Commenting on India- China alliance on climate change Ramesh said "I think it will be a re-affirmation of the close relationship that India and China have built up over the last four months on climate change.

" I have been to China twice in the last three months. We have a partnership agreement on climate change. In Copenhagen Chinese environment Minister and myself have been meeting almost every two hours. Our delegations are coordinating our positions. We are speaking with one voice," he said.

Ramesh described the conference helped a lot in achieving solidarity between India and China and also between all the countries of the BASIC group.

"I think the big gain as far as this conference is concerned is the solidarity, the remarkable solidarity between India and China and if I might add, amongst India, China Brazil and South Africa the BASIC group," he said. By Ashok Dixit (ANI)

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