Commons Speaker wife's confessions of wild booze and sex sprees

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London, Dec 4 (ANI): Sally Bercow, the wife of Commons Speaker John Bercow, has shocked Westminster by confessions of her steamy past.

The 40-year-old Sally confesses to having sex with men who bought her drinks.

She says she could once toss down two bottles of wine a day but gave up alcohol in October 2000.

"I was a big binge-drinker in my twenties. I started drinking at Oxford, being a party girl. It got out of control," the Sun quoted Sally, as saying.

She said: "In the mid-nineties I was in advertising and I would drink wine at lunch and have a bottle in the evening, most evenings really."

She added: "Sometimes it was two bottles. I had no stop button. I was an argumentative, stroppy drunk. I would end up falling off the bar stool and I smoked like a trooper."

Sally revealed she has had numerous flings.

"I wasn't looking for love. I would end up sometimes at a bar and someone would send a drink over, and I'd think, 'Why not?' and we'd go home together," she said.

She added: "I liked the excitement of not knowing how a night was going to end.

"It was all very ladette - work hard, play hard."

She continued: "I'd lose my judgment and put myself in danger. I'd fall asleep on the Tube and get into unlicensed minicabs in the early hours.

"The only good thing is I never tried drugs. I was afraid I'd like them too much."

Sally now plans to join enter the House of Commons as a Labour MP.

She said: "I want to run as a Labour candidate - so this has all got to come out. I'd rather tell it myself."

Tory MP Nadine Dorries said Sally's confession had "reduced the Speaker and his office to a laughing stock".

"How can we ask people to trust us, when the man who holds us to account has such poor judgment he allowed his wife to give such an appalling, self-obsessed interview?" she added. (ANI)

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