'Arabinda coming to India to establish peace', says Rajkhova's brother

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Lakhwagaon, Sivasagar (Assam), Dec.4 (ANI): United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) founding member and chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa's elder brother Ajoy Rajkhova has denied the arrest of his brother, saying he is coming to India to establish peace for the better future of the people in the region.

Talking to exclusively to ANI here, Ajoy said the Arabinda has neither been arrested nor has he surrendered, and that he was coming to India on his own to establish peace in the region.

"People are creating hue and cry regarding the arrest of Aranbinda Rajkhowa in Assam today. There are two issues that people are talking about, one is for permanent peace in the state and the other is the rumours about whether Arabinda was arrested or surrendered? As a brother, I came to know that my brother has neither surrendered nor arrested. With his own decision he came all the way from Bangladesh to India for the purpose of bringing peace to the people of Assam," Ajoy said.

He added that the government's response has been very positive in this regard, and said that the peace initiatives taken by his brother should be honoured in order to bring lasting peace in Assam.

"The Government of India has also responded positively, and he (Arabinda) is sitting with them for peace negotiation. As a brother and as a family, my opinion is that, the Government should honour the initiative taken by him (Arabinda), because it is a very good sign for the people of Assam. I wish both the party to begin the peace talk at the earliest," Ajoy said.

Ajoy stressed that if needed he is also ready to play a part in the peace initiatives, and expressed hope that all the ULFA cadres would support the decision taken by their leader for the benefit of the region and the people.

He, however, said that the authorities should first approach the banned organisation for bringing respectable solution to the long pending issues.

"I hope that all the ULFA cadres will also surely come forward for honorable solution. I have never seen or met him (Arabinda) since 1986, I heard about him through News papers and TV News only. We are nothing, just a family member, but If need arises, I will surely meet him and apprised him regarding the sentiments and demands of the people. But at the first place it is the responsibility of the Government, intellectuals and the bureaucrats to approach the organization (ULFA) for bringing respectable and permanent solution against the long drawn ULFA revolution," Ajoy said.

Arabinda's 99 year-old mother, Miliki Baruah, while expressing happiness over his son's return to his country after a long exile, said she is not sure whether she would be able to meet him or not.

"I don't know whether he (Arabinda) is coming to me or not? I am feeling really happy (about his son coming to Assam after 24 years). But if he stays in Guwahati, how can I go to meet him? I can't see properly? I can't hear properly, how can I go? Isn't he coming here (Native Home)? (If he come) I will surely asked, where have you been for so long ? I want to know where he is now," Arabinda's mother said, with tears rolling down her wrinkled face.

Earlier, in the day, Arabinda was handed over to the Border Security Officials (BSF) by Bangladeshi security agencies at the Meghalaya border.

According to reports he was handed over along with 10 others, including his wife and two children. All of them were taken to Guwahati for the completion of legal formalities.

Meanwhile, ULFA commander-in-chief Paresh Baruah has disagreed with Rajkhowa's initiatives for peace. (ANI)

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